DMA’s services are truly one of a kind.

DMA not only pays the medical costs of your clients’ cases, we help you
build those cases and save you valuable time and money in the process!

Medical Financing


DMA is aware of how capital-intensive personal injury cases can be! In the current legal environment, attorneys are often required to invest a large portion of their cash flow toward medical expenses in order to provide their clients with the necessary medical care needed.

By allowing us to pay the costs of your clients’ medical expenses, DMA affords you the opportunity to obtain the necessary treatment needed while deferring those costs until case settlement, or for up to two years before making any payment whatsoever. This way, you are not forced to tie up your cash flow for medical expenses while waiting for the case to settle. Instead you can keep that cash available, allowing you the financial security to accept more cases and the opportunity to further build your practice.

Health Care Access

health_care_accessDMA has spent 20 years building the most comprehensive provider network for attorneys in the Southern Louisiana area. We have a great relationship with our providers and as a part of our network, the benefits of this important relationship is yours to enjoy.

Our network is designed for attorneys. In other words, you never have to worry about a provider who is unfamiliar with the process of working with legal cases. Our professionals provide a wealth of experience. They are committed to work with you to get your clients the treatment they need, help you to manage and build your cases, and control the medical expenses associated with these case.

DMA’s health care service plans include: Surgery, Imaging Services, Diagnostic Testing, Pain Management, Neurological Services, and Physical Therapy.

Appointment Scheduling


Why waste valuable time and effort contacting medical providers?

Costly time wasted attempting to schedule appointments and coordinating a convenient time that works best for your client can be saved by using DMA’s services.

Simply let us know your client’s medical needs and where you would like them scheduled. We will secure the appointment, coordinate the time with your clients, and have all arrangements completed for you and your client in as little as one day.

Medical Records and Account Management

services4You are trying to get your case together so you can get everything settled…

Your client has had numerous tests and MRIs performed, pain management treatments, and surgery for their injuries…

The hassle of making numerous calls to the various medical providers involved in your client’s case and spending valuable time waiting for those professionals to get the medical records and invoices together to send to you can be avoided by simply calling us! When you use DMA for your client’s medical needs, we will have all medical records available as well as all medical expenses for that case ready and waiting for you. 


Diagnostic Management Affiliates
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