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What exactly does DMA do?

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DMA is a legal service that will pay for all medical procedures involved in your case, allowing you to recompense those costs upon settlement or the financial freedom for up to two years before making any payments.

In addition to providing fast, easy access to local health care providers, DMA’s friendly staff will also make the arrangements and schedule the appointments for you, while maintaining all medical records and expenses for your case.

Do I need to pay any kind of deposit to use DMA’s services?

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For Diagnostic testing, Pain Management, and Physical Therapy, there is no deposit or down payment required.

For Surgical procedures, DMA will ask for a minimal initial deposit which will be credited to your balance. This fee is usually 10% of the total cost.

What does DMA charge for an MRI, Diagnostic Test, or Pain Management Procedure?

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DMA provides you the opportunity to arrange needed MRI’s, Diagnostic Testing, and Pain Management procedures for your clients at a discounted rate. The prices may vary depending on the provider and the area; but rest assured that we will always discount the cost of these tests and procedures as much as we possibly can.

Click here to inquire about the prices in your area.

What does DMA charge for a surgical procedure?

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DMA charges the customary rates of the provider.

What does that mean? This simply means that whatever amount the medical provider quotes DMA is the same amount that we charge the client. There is NEVER A MARKUP to use DMA’s services.

How do the interest charges work?

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Simply put….your account is completely interest free for twelve months following the date of the procedure.

At the beginning of the 13th month, your account will begin accruing simple interest at a low annual rate. No tricks, we do not go back and charge you any interest for the entire first year.

You may also note that DMA’s interest rates are completely in accordance with the standard rates set by the Louisiana Bar Association.

When do I have to use DMA?

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You are not ever required to use DMA! When you sign on with DMA, there are never any fees or usage minimums involved. You simply use us whenever you feel it is best for you and your case.

We genuinely recommend that you take advantage of our obligation-free enrollment and call DMA whenever you have a client that is in need of a medical procedure. We will furnish you with all the information necessary to help you determine if we are the best option for your case.

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